Un corps d'été



2 July – 4 August


Mariano Angelotti
Cécile Cornet
Amandine Maas
Opale Mirman
Gaetan Vaguelsy

About the exhibition

Shoulders are uncovered, arms and legs greet the daylight, wardrobes are lightened, and the atmosphere becomes heavier. The weight of the heat hits the phlegmy, if not languid, bodies, stirs the ardors, stimulates the pearls of the skin, colors the faces with a red that sometimes spreads further, completing this primary triptych made of the omnipresent blue of the sky and the powerful yellow of the sun. The beach and its moment of relaxation, the house and its radiant refuge, the city and its terraces, nature and its freshness... All lulled by this bright, warm light offering blue, pink, azure or yellow hours. It's summertime. Long-awaited by some, dreaded by others.


Painting, drawing, sculpture and ceramics tend to represent these Summer Bodies enjoying or undergoing this palette of colors, emotions and hormones generated by heat and light. Amandine Maas, Cécile Corner, Gaétan Vaguelsy, Mariano Angelotti and Opale Mirman interpret the fundamentals of summer and its effects on our bodies and minds in a very personal way. These artists take up this theme with the necessary subjectivity to deal with a universal yet so personal subject, even intimate.


Un Corps d'été pays tribute to colors sometimes warm and vibrant, sometimes diluted and radiant, while showcasing our flesh, anatomy and attitude through this summer paradox between enthusiasm and adventure, excitement and relaxation, exhaustion and heaviness. The works question our behavior and highlight the very personal tendencies of each of us during this period which is each year the least hot of the rest of our lives...


Thibaut Wauthion

Installation views

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