Mariano Angelotti


Born  1977, Argentina

Based  Orléans, FR



Un Corps d'été

L'éclat des pissenlits

A suspended time in which we look with astonishment at a place without interest, without importance and that nevertheless attracts the attention. This insignificant and unpredictable moment influence Mariano Angelotti’s work. The artist tries to capture the light, the colors, the plants and other details part of these particular moments. Like their subject, these paintings mysteriously capture the gaze that searches in vain for the reason of this sudden attention. Mariano Angelotti’s paintings invite the viewer to linger on the fleeting beauty filling the daily life. The unexpected, the details reserve many surprises.


Mariano Angelotti pays attention to the composition. Each painting are meticulously constructed. The vegetal and architectural structures dialogue through a subtle play of perspective where the relationship to space is fundamental. The artist offers a vision of the world next to the classical landscape aesthetics. He draws attention to the banality of our daily life revealing here and there a surprising beauty.


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