Studio BISKT


Born  2018, Belgium

Based  Brussels, BE



Luxembourg Art Week

Between craft and industry, the production of Studio BISKT explores the possibilities through design and ceramics, mediums respectively mastered by the two protagonists of this project, Charlotte and Martin. The project is an ongoing experimentation, with the studio's production moving back and forth between art and design. Intuition is the leitmotiv in a prototyping process that is closer to an artistic than an industrial approach. The inspiration is based more on the poetry of the form than on the coherence of the use. This sensitivity leads Studio BISKT to produce works which are then turned into unique design objects. These objects evolve with each new creation.


The style is nevertheless reminiscent of industrial aesthetics. Street signs, city equipment and manufactured objects in the urban landscape are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Producing a unique design object similar to an industrial product with an artistic approach is one of the characteristics of Studio BISKT.

The technique used by the duo is also characterized by a recurrent technique. All their production is based on clay extrusion, a process borrowed from industry. The bond between Charlotte and Martin's skills. When ceramics meets design, when art meets industry…


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