LPDO – Sunset – Alice Nikolaeva & Dorothee Louise Recker

Sunday Sunset





6 Sep – 3 Oct 2020



Alice Nikolaeva
Dorothée Louise Recker

About the exhibition

Sunday Sunset is an exhibition that proposes to extend time. A time of pleasure, a time of rest, a time of let go, good time in short. Suspending the moment in light feelings, Alice Nikolaeva and Dorothée Louise Recker are a nod to the Romantics. The desire, in the first place, to live and experience the strength of color that emerges from the paintings of Dorothée Louise Recker. Like the Quicksands, a series of paintings conceived in layers, where each of the colors affixed makes reveal the one that covers it. It emerges a striking light, we guess the heat of the sun embraces the immensity of fine sand landscapes (Quicksand, out of Oz, 2018). The intensity of the colors catches our eye and places us at the heart of the painting.

Sunday Sunset is also an invitation to capture the minimal forms of Alice Nikolaeva's architectural sculptures. A playground from which only the outlines remain, a drawing in volume, a condensed walk of the images inscribed in our memory, borrowed of a certain poetry (Playground, 2016). Like a freeze frame, we surrender ourselves to our memories, our emotions and let ourselves deliciously to contemplation.

Sunday Sunset - it's the visual experience of a suspended time. An frozen moment that offers the viewer to feel and grasp the sweet melancholy that emerges from the works of Alice Nikolaeva and Dorothée Louise Recker.

Installation views

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