LPDO – Ringkomposition – Elio Ticca






11 nov – 18 Dec 2021



Elio Ticca

About the exhibition

The title of Ticca's exhibition, "Ringkomposition", evokes Nietzsche's theory of the eternal return. The ringkomposition is also a rhetorical technique, mostly characteristic of the oral tradition of ancient Greece. This device consists of the repetition of sentences and rhetorical figures along the text, with a ring-like structure, or mirror-like, chiastic feature (A-B-B-A). A ringkomposition can be, for instance, the repetition of a literary topos, already mentioned at the beginning, within the conclusion of a text or speech.
We find such repetition of key elements also in Ticca's works. The exhibition aims at evoking a narration, along which its different elements lose their single importance, and become altogether a metaphor of an elsewhere, and otherness, without beginning, nor end. At the same time, the represented places and objects remain suspended in a non-time, where past and present, dream and reality coexist and follow each other.
Starting from this reflection about art and life, Ticca's work questions the dichotomies of the everyday, and of an imaginary permeability between dream and wakefulness. Such works eventually incline more towards the sphere of dream and the irrational, rather than the one of reality as we know it.
Dream, oneirism and the unconscious are celebrated, in the exhibition, as a dimension where we can still find a space for freedom: the possibility to be simply ourselves and, at the same time, the "other".


Giulia Blasig

Installation views

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