Reburgaia sublunari



12 March – 29 April

About the exhibition

Nicolas Nicolini's work emerges from a slow evolution referring to pictorial and iconographic research. The artist sails to the rhythm of his discoveries in an urban or natural context and on the actuality of the 21st century. The patterns with their mutual arrangement mutate little by little through a quest to shape uncertainty and a poetic reappropriation of this indeterminate future.

The shelters and makeshift wooden structures of his previous paintings give way to meticulously worked ornamentation inspired by the vegetal curves of Art Nouveau. A movement whose aim was to regenerate the society by drawing inspiration from nature. A pictural work detailed on the natural patterns and their ability to decorate and attract.

In constant change towards an unknown destination, Nicolas Nicolini's work is the result of multiple inspirations, including the collage technique and vegetation, influencing directly the grids, railings and other objects covering an unreachable landscape. These pictorial experiments seem to echo the need for new narratives, new fictions to change our relationship with the world. In these stories, a creativity respectfully inspired by nature would become a necessary step towards our relationship with the environment.

*Collecting logs in the wild under the moonlight

Installation views

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