LPDO – Dust – Benjamin Ottoz






11 Oct – 13 Dec 2020



Benjamin Ottoz

About the exhibition

Dust features the last works of Benjamin Ottoz. In this new wrinkled series, he doesn’t hesitate to handle the color, to confront with others, to create a dialogue. What seemed to be organic becomes mineral, what we thought was a drawing is like a foot print. Benjamin Ottoz continues to surprise us, to disturb the senses and the borders of mediums.

But, don’t be mistaken about what you see on the paper by thinking it’s frozen. These new works refer to movement. It’s impossible to understand the whole picture without moving. To move from left to right in a smooth motion. To catch the light which reveals and removes the wrinkling, the picture. Like in a choreography in which the silver dust starts being shaken by the sunlight. A minimalist and unintended choreography between the viewer and the artwork.

Evanescent wave – it may be the words that best describe the works of Benjamin Ottoz. Because here, this is about vibe, dust, perception and thinking.


Elodie Bernard

Installation views

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