LPDO – Bird – Julie Susset






14 Mar – 18 Apr 2021



Julie Susset

About the exhibition

Nervous, fast, fragmented, his technique is based on intuitive gestures com-bining spontaneity and improvisation. The painting is vigorously spread out on the canvas, leaving flat and lines appearing in a vast colourful mosaic, sometimes abstract, sometimes figurative. The effervescence of his Parisian daily life is replaced by dreamlike colours forming idyllic landscapes in the distance and soothing waves of colour in the background. Julie Susset is the author. Her subject? Painting! Her inspiration? Her optimism! The artist pours into her art her desires and her fantasies, a sort of outlet for happiness. The rendering is as dynamic as its realisation. It begins in the artist’s mind. Little by little, the energy rises, feeding off pedestrians, cars, skyscrapers and the noises of the City of Light. The abundance of life in the French capital directly inspires Julie Susset who transposes this vivacity into her paintings, creating a tropical counterpart to this urban jungle. Her desires for elsewhere and travel punctuate the figuration of her paintings. Playing with flat tones of colour, drawing and transparency effects, Julie Susset develops a singular writing, made of exploration. Each new painting represents the opportunity to develop her gestures and her palette towards new horizons. Working at the same time on several paintings side by side, the artist dives into each of them in turn, letting the chance of her gestural technique form a lyrical painting. Each brushstroke is like a musical note energetically placed to create a rhythm. It is alive, vibrant. The disorder of his artistic gestures gradually takes shape, a development similar to the jazz of Charlie BIRD Parker. Julie Susset’s paintings can be contemplated in the same way as one listens to captivating music. With her guts, her body and her heart. You immerse yourself in them to stir your own imagination and escape into a waking dream. A beautiful invitation to travel!


Thibaut Wauthion

Installation views

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